Reviews and Recognition

His other-worldly and at the same time mysteriously familiar female figures seem to escape the bounds of specific place and draw their familiarity and intelligibility from their reference to universal human values – love, friendship, motherhood. — Sirago Tsiara

The Universal Art of Thanasis Fampas by Sirago Tsiara

The long, all-embracing curves that catch the viewer’s eye are of a particularly suggestive quality. — Liviu H. Oprescu

Thanasis Fampas by Liviu H. Oprescu (PDF)

A room full of Fampas figures transports you to a distant place where the Mediterranean Sun and earthy Balkan colors caress your vision. — Guy Northrop

Classical Figures Have a Touch by Guy Northrop (PDF)

Fampas discerns the nobility of mankind in the most ordinary of people. — Guy Northrop

A Work of Art by Guy Northrop (PDF)

I pass my life experiences on the canvas, without hurry, without the feeling of wear, with the conscience of each moment’s singleness. — Thanasis Fampas

Thanasis Fampas – A Monumental Painter of the Fragility by Dr. Ioan Mircea Popovici (PDF)

Dictionaries/Encyclopedias of Art and Awards

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